2016-17 PTSA Awards
Get involved in the Smith PTSA

Our Nominating Committee is currently accepting nominations for the 2018-2019 Elected Board Positions. 

  • To be eligible, candidates must have been a member of this PTSA for at least 15 days prior to being elected.  Individuals are welcome to recommend themselves.  For information about a position, reach out to a current member of the board (contact information by position HERE) or contact nominations@smithptsa.org.  
  • We are looking for a Co-President, a Co-VP Fundraising, a VP Expenditures, and a few other appointed positions.
  • Current Org chart, listing open positions, is posted HERE.
  • Nomination form is available HERE

Order 2018-2019 School Supply Kits

EduKits 2018-2019

ATTENTION PARENTS: Order your EduKit now! Everything your student needs for the school year comes packaged in one convenient box, customized to your teacher’s requests! Avoid the back-to-school shopping rush and stop running from store to store!
Just go to the link below, and order the kit for the grade your student will be entering (EG: 1st, 2nd Quest, etc.). (You don't need to know which teacher your student will have.) The kit will be delivered to your student's classroom (classroom delivery courtesy of the PTSA) in time for meet-and-greet.
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PTSA Training Resources Online

Did you know that PTA members have access to a wide selection of online learning courses that can help develop important leadership skills and illuminate areas of running a PTA? 

Access National PTA's eLearning courses by going to PTA.org/eLearning

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Smith Emergency Preparedness Update

Smith Emergency Preparedness
Supply kits update (message to parents)

At the beginning of this school year, Smith families were asked to provide an individual emergency supply kit for their child(ren).  Many parents bought PTSA-sponsored kits (cost $6, via an outside vendor), and some people assembled homemade kits.  Smith had 78% participation in that preparedness drive.

Next year, Smith & its PTSA will change the emergency supply kits system, to provide for classrooms as a whole.  We want to ensure that ALL students & staff have immediate access to necessary emergency supplies.  

At the end of this school year, all homemade kits should be sent home by teachers.  With this notification, Smith proposes to retain all vendor-purchased supply kits on site this summer.  The PTSA will work to consolidate those items to make universal supply kits for each classroom.  (Parents of children with severe food allergies are invited to review the school kits & provide supplemental basic items.)  This change will simplify the supply inventory management, and will eliminate parents’ need to purchase a new kit every September.

If your child will NOT be at Smith next year, you may request for their individual $6 vendor-purchased kit to be returned home.  Please e-mail your child’s name/grade/teacher to emergencyprep@smithptsa.org by Friday June 15th, 2018.  Thank you.

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