Smith families - we are bringing back the Scripps Spelling Bee program at Samantha Smith.

Please note that this is information about the 2023-24 school year.

We are pleased to share the word list below to help our Dolphins prepare. We are thrilled to see everyone's participation and enthusiasm. 

Please do not share the words lists outside of Samantha Smith. We can't wait to see our S-W-I-Mmers shine! 

Additional info about the Spelling Bee: 

Registration Link: Signup Genius - Coming Soon!

School competition: Feb 9th 2024

Regionals competition: March 31st 2024

Eligibility: Grade 3rd, 4th, 5th

2023-2024 School Year Spelling Bee word List

Spelling Bee Words

Spelling Bee Words w/Definitions

[Grade 1]

[Grade 2]

[Grade 3]

[Grade 4]

[Grade 5]


Please direct all questions to Deepti Munjal, Smith Spelling Bee Chair, at