Like much else in our lives, volunteering at Smith will look a lot different this year- especially as families and staff focus on adjusting to the new and improved Remote Learning.  There are still going to be ways to get involved this year (perhaps even while kids are 100% remote). The PTSA board is currently working on some ideas, stay tuned! 


Requested Action in the Meantime:

  1. Please continue to fill out our Volunteer Skills Survey as you normally would so that as volunteer opportunities come up as the school year evolves, we can best match opportunities with your skills and interests! 
    • If you are interested in remote volunteer opportunities while kids are physically learning remotely, please select DURING REMOTE LEARNING on the time contribution page. 
    • Many of the events listed may not happen or will look very different this year, but we still want to know where your volunteer interest lies so you receive the most relevant emails from us.
  1. Keep your Volunteer Application current to be ready for any volunteer opportunity:
    • If you are a new volunteer in LWSD, submit your LWSD Volunteer Approval
    • If you are a returning LWSD volunteer respond promptly when you receive your renewal reminder from Raptor. Volunteer approvals are valid for two years. To see if your volunteer application is still current, you can log into your Raptor Volunteer Portal
    • More information from the district available on the Volunteering in LWSD page.
  2. If you have an idea for a Virtual Event (e.g. art event, coding class, community building event etc), you think you’d like to spearhead for our PTSA community, please email