Please notice another change that we will use the Smith school library for the competition on March 29, 3-7p.m
Students shall use the school laptop (not your personal laptop/device) which has better network access at school. Please have your student check out the school laptop from their classroom teacher the day before the competition, bring it to the competition, and then return back to their classroom teacher the day after the competition. We tested at Smith today that the student laptop has access to the competition link. Please have your student use the school laptop carefully and be able to return it in good condition back to school.
Given that it will be a long competition, please have your student fully charge the student laptop before bringing it to the competition, and bring the power cord (power charger) to the competition. 
There are power outlets in the library but not close to the table and chairs. If you may have a power extension cord, please bring it to the competition day as well.

Please visit Math is Cool 2023 for Competition Rules and Details.  

For Questions, email Yuan Zhang at