Smith Volunteers! There is an immediate need for an Edukit Coordinator (school supply kits)! Our current PTSA lead, Kendra fulfilled this role for 7 years and is ready to move on now. She is happy to train any volunteers so they are ready to go for this year.

Volunteer Responsibilities:  As the parent coordinator for the EduKit school supply program, your responsibility is to be the liaison between parents/teachers at Smith and our EduKit program representative. This includes-

  • emailing the teachers to update the school supply lists (by grade) ahead of the next school year,
  • submitting the lists to the EduKit rep to lock down pricing so the rep can publish on the EduKit ordering website, 
  • promoting EduKit with parents at Smith, 
  • coordinating with the rep for delivering of the kits to Smith in late Aug ahead of the first day of school, 
  • physically being on campus at Smith the day of delivery to count kits and bring to each grade level "pod" so they are available for students the first day of school. 
  • And lastly, the role involves communication with teachers and parents the first two weeks of school in case there are any questions about missing EduKits, return requests, etc.

Estimated Time Commitment:  Approximately 8-10 hours spread over the year. Most of this is emailing with teachers and the EduKit rep at whatever time is convenient for you. The only set time commitment is ~2 hours the day of delivery at the end of August to physically count the kits to confirm receipt.

If you are interested in taking up this role for the upcoming school year or want to know more about it, please email Kendra Goodenough at She will be happy to answer questions and train you for the role.