Frequently Asked Questions:

On Corporate Donation Matching and the PTSA


What Difference Does Corporate Matching Make?

Matching funds account for approximately 40% of the annual PTSA budget, which allows us to fund or sponsor many of the programs which help make Smith one of the most sought after Elementary schools in the region.

What a difference a little paperwork can make! 


How Much Of My Donation Will Be Matched?

In many cases, corporate matching will double the amount of money you're able to donate, when your employer matches what you give, dollar for dollar.  In some cases the multiplying effect is even greater, such as if your employer match includes them making a donation for every hour you spend volunteering your time.  For example, Microsoft will donate $25 for every hour their employee spends volunteering at a qualifying charitable organization.


Does My Employer Match Donations?

We've compiled a list of the corporate matching policies for some of the major local employers represented here at our school.  If your employer is not listed, please make a quick inquiry to your HR department to see if your company has a matching program.  If they do, please feel free to share with us what you find out, so we can add that information to our list to assist your coworkers. 

Send information to:


What Does the PTSA Do With The Donations?

The PTSA's primary goal is to enrich our children's educational experience at school.  Besides the incredible value our parent volunteers add throughout the year, the other major way we meet that goal is by using the funds, generously entrusted to us by our donors, to grant funds to various educational enrichment programs as determined by the board and general membership, in partnership with the teachers and staff of our school.


How Can I Get A Signed Receipt For My Donation?

If your employer requires you to submit a signed receipt for your donation, you can find the receipt form here on our website.  Fill out the form and submit for signature to:

In your email, please include details of your donation (such as check number or PayPal transaction ID), so we can verify your donation before signing.