Hello Community Members

Lake Washington School District has a Return to School Task Force that is planning for fall. They want you to share your thoughts about your online learning experience through ThoughtExchange and help them shape their policy for returning back to school.

So what is ThoughtExchange? It’s a unique community engagement experience where you get to share your thoughts and then rate the thoughts of other people that are participating. It is open-ended, which means the District will get to hear your voice, directly from your perspective. The ratings also help them understand how broadly a thought might be shared with other people.

There will be three ThoughtExchanges. This first exchange asks about the challenges that people experienced this spring.

The second exchange will launch on Friday, June 12 and asks about what has worked this spring.

In the third exchange, set to launch Tuesday, June 16, they’ll ask about people’s hopes and priorities for the next school year. Parents and staff will receive an invitation to join each new exchange.
Additionally, the District will highlight the results of the exchanges on the Return to School webpage

Click here to participate in the first exchange.