Smith PTSA welcomes you all to an incredible and unique 2020-21 school year at Smith! When being distant and remote is our priority, the Smith community has taken a pledge to make our connection even stronger!

 There are so many academic and extra-curricular events that the PTSA enables every year to enrich the students’ school experience, and we can’t do it without your support.  While this year will look a lot different, the PTSA board is currently working on some ideas and there will still be ways to get involved (even while kids are 100% remote!)

 We are putting our Annual Fundraiser Dolphin Dash on hold until we know more of what this year will look like, but stay tuned as the plan for the year develops!

 Requested Action in the Meantime:

  1. Renew last year's membership, or join for the first time HERE.  Your membership dues give you access to the Smith Online Student Directory as well as great discounts with local businesses.  Your membership also supports important work at the Regional, State and National PTA levels advocating for kids.
  2. If you are interested in volunteering either remotely or when we get back to in-person, please fill out our Volunteer Skills Survey so that as volunteer opportunities come up as the school year evolves, we can best match opportunities with your skills and interests! 

o    If you are interested in remote volunteer opportunities while kids are  learning remotely, please select DURING REMOTE LEARNING on the time contribution page. 

  1. Keep your Volunteer Application current to be ready for any volunteer opportunity (all volunteers, remote or in person must be approved through this process):

o    If you are a new volunteer in LWSD, submit your LWSD Volunteer Approval

o    If you are a returning LWSD volunteer respond promptly when you receive your renewal reminder from Raptor. Volunteer approvals are valid for two years. To see if your volunteer application is still current, you can log into your Raptor Volunteer Portal

o    More information from the district available on the Volunteering in LWSD page.

  1. If you have an idea for a Virtual Event (e.g. art event, coding class, community building event etc), you think you’d like to spearhead for our PTSA community, please email

So Please Join Us as PTSA members in keeping the Smith Spirit Alive and Strong!  Go Dolphins!!

Smith PTSA Resources:

Our main website is the best place to know more about our PTSA. You can also stay connected with other parents and events at school by joining us on Facebook: