Emergency Preparedness committee update, August 2018

The PTSA Emergency Preparedness committee works with school leaders to help prepare for the event of an environmental disaster or campus lockdown during school hours.  With the support of the Smith PTSA, the goal is to ensure that ALL students and staff have immediate access to necessary emergency supplies

In previous years, students were asked to either buy a personal emergency supply kit or to build their own and bring it in to school.  These kits were then consolidated and stored in the classroom.  Since the items in the kits have a shelf-life of 5+ years, the decision was made to hold on to the existing supplies and only re-stock perishable items as-needed.  (Thanks to all the families who donated their kits at the end of last year, in order to get this new model started.)

This year, the Emergency Preparedness committee has consolidated prior vendor-purchased items to make universal supply kits for each classroom.  (Homemade ‘comfort kits’ will no longer be used.)  General classroom kit items include:  food bars, water pouches, hand warmers, glow sticks, foil blankets, and a portable toilet. 

Please refer to the Smith PTSA Emergency preparedness web page for more information on kit contents, and important information for those students with dietary restrictions.

Questions?  E-mail:  emergencyprep@smithptsa.org