***The Project Playground team will be in contact with the winning bidders to make arrangements for you to receive your item(s) and submit payment.  Thanks to all who participated.***
Welcome to Project Playground's Winter Online Auction.
The auction opens on December 5th and concludes on Sunday, December 16th. 
We have a variety of items from local sponsors (including Principal Warner!). We encourage you to bid early and then often!
This is a Blind Auction, meaning there may be multiple bids entered at the same time by different people and there will be no indication what the other bids are at the time you place your bid.  However, at the end of each day, we will post the current highest bids, reflected in the current minimum bid listed for each item on the auction page and on the highest bids web page.
If you win or lose, Project Playground Team will be in contact with you to collect funds from winners and drop off your winning item! Thank you so much!

Auction Rules:

  • Bidding is open to both PTSA members and Non-PTSA members (Guests).
  • Bidding is open to anyone over 18 years of age.
  • Bid must be at least equal to 'minimum bid' listed to win.
  • Bidding the minimum amount does not guarantee a win (you may be outbid).
  • Please bid in whole dollar amounts (EG: $55.00 not $54.75)
  • Current highest bid will be posted at the end of each day [HERE]
  • In the unlikely event of a tie, the earlier bid wins.
  • Highest bid prior to auction close (Sunday, Dec. 16th at 11:59 PM) wins the item.
  • If winning bidder can't be reached within three days after auction close, next highest bidder wins.
  • Winners may pay by cash, or (preferably) by check, PayPal or credit card.  Instructions will be sent directly to the winners via email.
  • By clicking the auction link and bidding on an item, you agree to the above rules. 



[Project Playground FAQ]

Questions?: Email playground@smithptsa.org